Regain Lost Confidence By Buying a Mastectomy Bra

Published: 29th June 2006
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Surviving the surgical procedure mastectomy doesn't end after going through the operation. A woman still needs to confront the difficult challenge of living a normal life despite the noticeable changes done on her body. The loss of a part or the whole breast usually leads to a significant loss of confidence and self-esteem. As part of the recovery process to regain the lost confidence in one's health, there are a number of alternatives available to women.

Surgical reconstruction of the breast is often not opted by many women right after mastectomy because of the inevitable trauma that comes with these kinds of procedures to both the body and the mind. Usually, it takes several months that can stretch to several years before these women are ready to undergo the knife again. Still, there are some who are adverse towards surgical augmentations. There are a number of feasible options for these women. Short-term alternatives available are breast prostheses and mastectomy bras.

A mastectomy bra is especially intended to keep the breast prosthesis secure for women who have gone through mastectomy to treat breast cancer. These are particularly designed with no underwires for maximum comfort. This bra permits the prostheses to move like the regular set of breasts as the wearer moves. In truth, there is not much difference between a mastectomy bra and a regular bra. However, one will note that a mastectomy bra has built-in stretch pockets in the cup area for one to place the breast prostheses.

Losing a part or the whole breast can somehow strike a feeling of imbalance which stems from symmetry and proportion that most human beings take for granted. To regain a sense of balance, the mastectomy bra promises a number of advantages.

1. It aids body posture because of the ultimate support that it provides.

2. It gives some form of protection to the wounds and scars which are a result of the surgery.

3. It can somehow reduce the chances of obtaining back problems, neck and shoulder aches.

It is certainly good news for the women out there who still want to feel sexy and feel confident about their bodies despite having gone through the surgery. A fabulous way to wear breast prostheses is to wear it with a sheer mastectomy bra with lace trimmings. On the other hand, there are mastectomy bras in posture styles which are specifically designed with full crossover backs to give the front more support.

Mastectomy bras have kept up with the latest styles done on regular bras. A number of brands that offer stylish mastectomy bras are Playtex, Jodee and Amoena, which are known to carry this type of bra in a variety of designs and fabrics ranging from the lacy ones to sporty ones.

Although this type of bra may not be readily available in malls nationwide, there are specialty stores which carry a variety of mastectomy products and accessories as well as the professional service of a mastectomy fitter. This fitter is sufficiently trained and experienced to assist their customers in choosing clothes that have the perfect fit given the current condition of these customers. Nordstrom's in fact allows the addition of prostheses pockets to normal bras for a minimal fee and sometimes for free on all bras sold there. There are also online stores like My-Bra-Store through the site

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