What To Consider When Buying Canopy Baby Cribs

Published: 04th June 2006
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What To Consider When Buying Canopy Baby Cribs

Baby cribs come in different sizes, styles and shapes. What baby cribs you

choose for your baby will ultimately depend on your budget, your way of life

and what you find most comfortable and functional for your child.

One kind of baby crib that parents look for is the canopy baby crib, which

has four posts that can hold fabric canopies above your baby. Structured

more for the elegance that it provides to a room than its functionality,

most parents do not opt for canopy baby cribs. Some parents, in fact, who

are considering buying canopy baby cribs decide against buying as they are

not comfortable placing cloths above the crib as it may fall off any time

and suffocate the baby.

Still, there are some who are really attracted to the canopy baby crib's

elegant lines and its "royalty" feel. True enough, having a curtain-like

cloth surrounding the canopy baby crib gives a more medieval palace look

reminiscent of the baby cribs used in past centuries.

Parents who do decide to go for the canopy baby crib's elegant line are just

advised to be really cautious with using cloths and to make sure that they

are fastened securely. Take your time in constructing the canopy baby crib

and be certain that the posts are secure and sturdy. It is a good idea to

test the sturdiness of the canopy baby crib that you are buying when you are

still inside the store as you can compare different models and styles.

When you have already constructed the canopy baby crib that you bought,

check for the sturdiness of the crib again. It is also a good idea to check

the metal frames and the posts for signs of vulnerability such as broken

edges, cuts and bents in the metals. Parent should also examine broken,

loose and missing screws and report any problem immediate to the store. Even

the smallest thing that you have missed can result into an accident that can

cause your baby his life if you do not take heed.

Remember though that canopy cloths are often sold separately. Make sure that

when you do buy one, you have already consulted with people as to what kind

is best for your baby, taking into consideration the temperature in the room

as well as the weather outside. While canopy baby cribs are just like any

other baby cribs, it is still important that you be cautious and thorough

with your inspection, construction and use of the baby crib.

If you feel that canopy baby cribs is not something that you want for your

baby, there are other types of baby cribs available in the market. Standard

baby cribs are those that have classic rectangular designs that are

practical, safe and comfortable. These types have either one or two

dropsides depending on the design. Baby cribs with two dropsides are more

expensive as they allow for more flexibility.

Being simple does not of course mean that standard baby cribs are not

decorative. Some standard baby cribs in fact have sleigh styles, which have

taller and curved head and footboards. Convertible baby cribs, on the other

hand, are specially designed to be used from babyhood to toddlerhood.

Definitely more expensive than the standard design, convertible baby cribs

can be converted from a standard baby crib into a bed that your baby can

sleep into when he grows up. Some even convert to a day bed or a full-sized

bed. Most parents opt for this type of baby crib as they feel that it is

quite economical and space-saving.


Joyce Dietzel writes articles for baby-cribs-furniture.com a website dedicated to Baby Cribs with a beautiful Canopy

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